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With Liberty Harakas

Visit Liberty on July 20th and August 17th 

Lobelia’s Lair offers metaphysical tools for one’s spiritual awakening & journey of self-discovery. Located in the Old City Quarter of Nanaimo, at Lobelia’s, you can find locally made creations, impressive jewelry, incense, cauldrons, candles, clothing, tarot, crystals & fair trade imports from around the world. Stop on by our Summer Carnival Markets to get a ready from Liberty!!


With Bonnie New

Visit Bonnie on  July 20th 

 Bonnie New's Creations features handmade crystal sun-catchers,  stunning wind-chimes, and fresh blueberries perfect for summer! 


With Amanda Kiezebrink

Visit Amanda on July 20th

Wickless candles and scented fragrance wax for electric candle warmers and scented natural oils and diffusers. Shop for Scentsy Products Now! Our newest warmer designs span a variety of home décor trends so you can find the styles that suit you.


With Nadine Shemilt

Visit Jessica on December 20st & 21st

Born & raised on Vancouver Island, I'm super passionate about using natural products in our skincare. Specifically focusing on one product that successfully healed 15+ year struggle with acne, clay! The clay is 100% natural and effective for a variety of skin solutions. Our facial clay mask assortment pack includes 4 types of clay and makes 25+ face masks. It makes a perfect ladies night or as a Christmas stocking stuffer. 


With Shay LA

Visit Shay LA on July 20th - August 17th - September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

Pampering People and Pets - Health, beauty, home and pet products. All handmade and custom orders available. Visit Shay LA and shop from a wide variety of quality products!!


With Cindy Morrison

Visit Cindy on August 17th

Here is your chance to pick up something truly unique. Cindy recycles teacups and turns them into decorative bird feeders and plant holders! Most importantly, birds love to eat out of them!


With Mercedes Johansen-Walsh

Visit Mercedes on August 17th 

Mercedes' makes handcrafted jewelry using semi precious stones and gems. She also have a line of 'geek' items such as Harry Potter and Hunger Games themed earrings, necklaces, and keychains. 


With The Forest Park PAC

Visit the Forest Park Concession on October 19th and November 16th

Come on out and Support Forest Park Elementary School! Yvonne from the Forest Park PAC has put together a Concession stand, selling yummy soup, hot dogs, baked goods and much more! All Proceeds go towards this local community school!


With Wendy Nixon

Visit Wendy on July 20th

 Wendy collects and share unique items from the past, that others may enjoy as is or may find inspiration to create and find a new purpose for.  Her antiques and collectible items are a must see!


With Denise Kowalski

Visit the Denise on August 17th - September 21st  and November 16th

DenLee Creations is about creating from the heart that is meant to be shared. A fairly new business that started with refurbishing furniture and expanded to showing a creative side with hand made home decor.


Nancy McGuire

Visit Nancy on  August 17th - October 19th - November 16th 

Our collection exist of nickel-free, rhodium plated sterling silver and stainless steel fashion-forward exclusive designs featuring gemstone and stunning DiAmi© stones. Fifty percent of our styles are $65 and under and every purchase is backed by our lifetime warranty. We're the jewelry that brings confidence and compliments each time you wear it.


With Megan Craig

Visit Megan on  October 19th  and  November 16th 

We make custom silicone bead teether clips, fabric lanterns, phone grips, magnets and more to come! I am so excited to be able to share what I love to do with everyone!I 


With Jenessa Miller

Visit Jenessa on October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

The Things I Create, is a one stop gift shop that has a little something for everyone ranging from hand made wood gifts to bath soaks and sugar scrubs. Everything is created by hand right here in Nanaimo. 


With Jaime Tremblay

Visit Jaime on September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - 

December 20th & 21st

Jaime has taken signs and home decor to a new level! Her signs are constructed by carefully hammering nails into pieces of wood to form a desired shape. Then she wraps string around each and every nail to create a almost three-dimensional work of art. Truly stunning ! 


With Donna Wassbauer

Visit Donna on July 20th - August 17th - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

Lantzville Leggings is a home based small business Located in Lantzville BC. What started out to be a small venture, has turned out to be my passion. I love all the wonderful people I meet. I enjoy bringing you great quality clothing, at affordable prices. Hot deals at every Market!  


With Deanna Brouwer

Visit Deanna on October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

Deanna's goal is to bring arts and crafts to you and your friends and family! She will be showcasing her creative stationary such as travel notebooks, journal sets, handcrafted magnets, assorted paper crafts and much more!

JoJo's Emporium

With JoAnn Adams

Visit JoAnn on December 20th & 21th 

JoJo’s Emporium is a family merchant enterprise that specializes in hats and Canadian handcrafted and Imported Fair Trade clothing and accessories. Many of these goods are tailored by family-run cottage industries situated in India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador.


With Kent Setzer

Visit Kent on October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

We believe that a great chai should be made of premium ingredients and be full of flavour. So…we’ve created several full-flavour chai varieties to reach discerning palates like yours. If you have a love for chai, then give one our chai blends a try!


With Morganna P.

Visit Morganna on September 21st

I am 13 years old in Grade 8 and my mom says I have been making crafts since I could breathe. I get ideas for my crafts from novels and from observing animals. My dream is to one day work in a prop room for a live theater where I can create all day long. I am saving my earnings to buy a new music instrument called a Concertina. It is a little bit like a tiny accordion. It is fun to sell my crafts and I enjoy watching kids and adults choose a perfect critter for them.


With Sheila Bacon

Visit Sheila on August 17th

Welcome to Blissful Bath Obsession. I have become very passionate about creating bath bombs, soaps and lotions. I put a ton of love and care into every product I make, using only the best ingredients to pamper everyone from the young heart to the little ones!


With Iris Clarke

Visit Iris on December 20th & 21st

 Iris been exploring various mediums. She comes from an artistic family background and has studied fine arts in university as well as with various artists. In the past 8 years she focused on clay and hand building slab projects. Projects included tile quilts and wall hangings. Her latest medium is alcohol inks which are all professionally packaged and ready for framing. In addition she sells tile coasters painted with alcohol inks. Perfect gifts for Christmas. 


With Sharon Kleim

Visit Sharon on July 20th - August 17th - September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

 One of a kind hand crafted jewelry. No two pieces are alike.All made from quality materials and some semi precious stones. 


With Yvonne Mackay

Visit Yvonne on  July 20th - August 17th  and September 21st 

Stop by our market for lunch or a quick snack! Yvonne only cooks with fresh ingredients and always presents a menu with meals under $5! A perfect place to take the whole family!! 

The Sheep Spinner

With Melisa Gruger

Visit Melisa on  August 17th & November 16th

 Stop by Melisa table to get some unique crochet gifts with an emphasis on plastic free and sustainability. Quality items such as coffee cozies, reusable water balloons, produce bags, hats, headbands and much more!


With Katrina Darwin

Visit Katrina on  July 20th - August 17th - September 21st and October 19th

The Geekery is your one-stop shop for all things geeky! From wallets to stuffed animals, keychains to mugs, we have something for the geek in everyone!  HUGE Closing Sale on October 19th!!


With Jessica Larsen

Visit Jessica on July 20th - August 17th and November 16th 

Cassidy Custom Creations is your one stop shop for customized and personalized gifts. From general home decor, weddings, birth celebrations, and special occasions we have something for everyone. We love custom requests! 


With Dawn Jones

Visit Dawn on  July 20th, September 21st and October 19th

 Stop on by and pick up a one of a kind card from Dawn's Custom Cards or have her make you a custom card for any  occasion. Truly unique her creativity shines through all of her creations! Just wait until you see her three-dimensional cards! 


Rina Danielowski

Visit Rina on  September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

Unique and fashionable describes Rina's beautifully hand crafted crochet items. Her crochet cardigans, ponchos and shawls are a must have for your wardrobe! When Rina is not busy crocheting she is working hard on her delicious homemade Jams!


With Isabella Ostman

Visit Isabella on July 20th, August 17th and September 21st

The Voxx Socks are designed for any user who wants ultimate comfort, wellness and performance from their socks! Tests show increased balance, stamina, recovery, strength and range of motion. We also have special designs

for people with circulation issues.


With Barbara McPherson

Visit Barbara on  July 20th - August 17th - September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

Barbara is not your ordinary painter! Rather than putting her talent down onto a regular square canvas, she has applied her ideas and paint onto beautiful blank imported silk scarfs. These stunning scarfs are perfect for any occasion! 


With Vicky Hunter, Jayne Olsen and Wolf Danielowski

Visit Us3 on October 19th  

Us3 is a group of three friends, who meet each week at the Jonanco Hobby Workshop to paint. Most of their paintings are with watercolours, and they cover a wide range of subjects, from landscapes and portraits to animals. Vicky also does lapidary and silversmithing at Jonanco, and will also be selling some of her jewellery at the market.”


With Melissa Hall

Visit Melissa on August 17th -  October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

Pamper your pets with a fur-nurture flatbed, send loved ones and friends well wishes with a card, & add sparkle to yours or someone's life with some bling.

Whatever your desires are, Paws, Paper & Pretties has something for you!


With Helen Walker

Visit Helen on October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

Hand made crochet items, ranging from all types andsizes of hats to Swiffer dry and wet mop covers. Machine washable and dryable. (Help the environment). My latest designs are Child Beanies and Messy Bun Hats! Get them before they sell out!


With Jodi Severinski

Visit Jodi on  on  August 17th - September 21st - October 19th - 

November 16th - December 20th & 21s

Very Special, Hand made wire wrapped crystal jewelry as well as accessories like worry stones, decorative pieces, pendulums and palm stones. Feel free to ask Jodi for custom orders! Choose your stones, wire colour, charms, and let her do her magic!


With Keira Sinclair

Visit Keira on  July 20th - August 17th - September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

 She may be 10 years old, but this mini business women believes everyone can be beautiful inside and out with a little help! Pop on by to see her made from scratch items that include; sparkle cream, hair detangler, beauty bags and much more!

eMuza Mobility Scooter

With Coreen Decorpo

Visit Coreen on  July 20th, August 17th, September 21st and October 19th

The 'eMuza Mobility Scooter' is new to Canada and now available on Vancouver Island. A German researched and designed mobility scooter of which the cost is eligible for Extended Health Care. It goes where you go: Airplanes, Cruise Ships, R.V.'s, Trains, even Mall's. Pop on by the market to give the scooters a test drive!!


Ann Barrington

Visit Ann on  July 20th - August 17th - September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

If you are in need of some sweets, Nana's Homemade Treats is who you need to see! Nana Ann has been baking for years and you can definitely taste her experience in her yummy treats.  All her baking is never frozen and contains no preservatives!


With Diana Bennett

Visit Diana on August 17th & September 21st

Diana's handmade sun catchers are beautiful and one of a kind. She sources out her materials at local thrift stores and only uses quality beads and crystals. Whether you place her sun catchers in the window or car, they project coloured light adding a bit a life to any space!


With Merrilyn Jones

Visit Merrilyn on August 17th, September 21st and October 19th

Quilts, table runners, place mats, and anything else quilted is what you'll find at Merrilyn's booth. Sewing is not just a hobby for her, it her passion! Using her creative ways with materials, She strives to make beautiful things that can be enjoyed by others.


With Brody Weber

Visit Brody on July 20th - August 17th - September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

At Ulfhendar we believe in making a natural product that not only smells and feels good but is also good for your skin and has healthy benefits. We make everything in small batches using locally sourced and natural ingredients. Come check out our beard oils, Lotions, shave cream and more!


With Irene Chemney

Visit Irene on September 21st, October 19th, November 4th,

December 20th and 21st

Stay warm this winter with Irene hand made garments! Irene's designs and styles is a reflection of her passion for crochet, knit and sewing! Choose from a wide range of apparel, hats, scarves and more!


With Ales Cronje

Visit Alex on September 21st, October 19th, November 16th, 

December 20th & 21st

We produce and install a #1 rated eavestrough filtration device to promote environmental sustainability through rainwater harvesting, as well as helping eliminate a dangerous chore for homeowners.

MUSCLE CHECK & Melaleuca

With Alana Newton

Visit Alana on July 20th - August 17th - September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

Muscle Check is Clinical Strength, All Natural Sport & Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment. It provides drug free pain relief without a prescription and allows people of all ages to recover quicker, perform better and get back into motion faster.


With Jenny Katsirdakis

Visit Jenny on October 19th - November 16th & December 20th & 21st

Kats Custom Leather is a home based family business. We make a variety of leather products that are personalized and unique. Our specialty is giving customers the option to choose the product that they like and make it their own. A pre-made selection of gifts and accessories will be available at markets, and custom orders can be placed on site, or ahead of time to be picked up at the market.


With Vivienne Saunders

Visit Vivienne on October 19th 

I love to crochet and sew, and have many items in my inventory, from wearables such as hats, scarves and baby clothes, home decor, bags, foot rests, key chains, and lots of other cool stuff!I 


With Rielly Dicker

Visit Rielly on October 19th - November 16th & December 20th & 21st

This up and coming photographer is one to be admired! Her ability to catch nature in its finest light is talent you can not teach. This 16 year old will be selling cards, prints and magnets featuring her selected photography. Her dream is to one day make it to Iceland, and your support will help her get there!


With Leslie Walker

Visit Leslie on October 19th & November 16th 

Uniquely handmade gifts and cards for any occasion. I love what I do. I love putting a smile on people’s faces with my quirky, down to earth, and sometimes very risqué sayings. From custom sayings and personalized items, I have been able to bring joy to others from all over. Thank you for letting me create for you! 


With Leah Hobbs

Visit Leah on July 20th - August 17th - September 21st - October 19th - November 16th - December 20th & 21st

Keeping your home a Safe Haven can be a challenge, especially with all the chemical pollution, dirt and debris that get tracked in from outside. Replace your heavy, messy mop and bucket or your chemical-laden spray mop and rely on Norwex Microfiber and water only to make your home a Safer Haven!


With Sandy Clark

Visit Sandy on October 19th and November 16th

We are a great Yarney community that loves anything crochet or yarn related! Visit Sandy during one of our Markets to see her latest creations and check out her amazing youtube channel!


With Kerry Herbert

Visit Sandy on October 19th, November 16th, December 20th and 21st

Glitter Girlz is a mobile party company that offers aesthetics, glitter tattoos, feathers, workshops music and more! Our bling kit contains feathers,hair twists, glitter tattoos, and glitter nails Starting at $6 per person. Instead of a goody bag why not Bling.

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