We Work For You!

Here at Wellington Hall we realize the importance of small businesses. A small business is what makes a community's economy thrive. It is what gives Nanaimo and Vancouver Island an identity.


We value each and everyone one of our Wellington Hall Vendors. It is our mission to support each individual entrepreneur the best way we can. Not only do we promote each market event, we promote each individual vendor business!


 Currently we are the only Vancouver Island Market that supports our vendors in the following ways;

Professional Representation

On this very website, each vendor receives a mini vendor bio. Each vendor bio includes;

1) A photo that links to either the vendors website, Instagram and Facebook account. If the vendor does not have an online platform, we link their bio to their email!

2) A short write up describing the vendors business.

3) The specific date(s) each vendor will be participating at our Wellington Hall Markets

View the examples below

Keeping Costs Down

We know how expensive it can be to run your own small business. This is why we keep our vendor table fees reasonable .  Wellington Hall Market is not an organization that wants to make a profit from its operation. We are only here to support local entrepreneurs and to encourage the public to shop local. Our vendors success is the only reward we strive for!

Join us!